The Journey

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WEEK 1: 
May 14, 2012

Hi! I'm Kathleen Carey, a working mom who is relying on Harry Glover's expertise to lose 100 lbs. so I can be healthier, stronger, and more vibrant for myself and for my kids! I'm a little nervous about what's ahead as it seems that my eating habits will have to change and a large part of my personal time will be spent exercising, but I'm ready to make some significant changes!

Week loss: 2 lbs.
Current weight: 252 lbs.
Total loss:  2 lbs.

May 21, 2012

Last week was a bit of a transition for me. I had to get accustomed to the frequency and the intensity of the workouts. The one day I felt sick and my quadriceps were in excruciating pain. I was really questioning, what in the world am I doing? but then Harry explained that the first two weeks are going to be the toughest.

Week loss: 3 lbs.
Current weight: 249 lbs.
Total loss: 5 lbs.

May 28, 2012

As I chart my weight daily, I've talked with Harry about how it seems to fluctuate almost two lbs. down, one lb. up. Sometimes, it decreases and sometimes, it increases. He explained that as long as the general median direction of it is downward, I'm doing alright. I'm getting rather addicted to my workouts as I like the euphoric feeling afterward, so I'm even walking on my days off?

Week gain: +1 lb.
Current weight: 250 lbs.
Total loss: 4 lbs.

June 4, 2012

I'm a little deflated at times because I'd like my weight to be dropping faster than it has, although I understand that muscle weighs more than fat. Instead of turning to sweets to soothe me, I'm reaching out to friends and sharing my journey with them for support.

Week loss: 3 lbs.
Current weight: 247 lbs.
Total loss: 7 lbs.

June 11, 2012

Whew! This was a tough one. I was feeling incredibly depleted at the beginning of this week (and I even skipped a day of workouts to go to sleep early) as it was my hormonal time of the month and my legs felt like cement. I didn't even want to meet with Harry for my session, but after I did and put myself into it full force, I have to say I felt incredible! Absolutely incredible! It's invaluable to have a professional who can safely and effectively help me push myself to where I feel an overall sense of peaceful happiness. Ah! Those endorphins.

Week loss: 3 lbs.
Current weight: 244 lbs.
Total loss: 10 lbs.

June 18, 2012

I learned this week how much I used to use food to comfort myself and deal with my emotions and I can't say I've mastered using healthy ways yet to work that out, but I'm not going to chocolate to make me feel better. This week, my weight went up and down (up 6 lbs. at one point, which made me want to get a pack of double-stuffed Oreos and a pint of Ben & Jerry's, after all if the weight's going to go up, it might as well be for something I've done bad, right? But, no, I didn't do it. I want the healthy lifestyle and the strong, lean body to go with it.) Harry helped me focus on working on having the lifestyle, moreso than the scale, but darn it!, I want those numbers to come down. 

Week gain: +1 lb
Current weight: 245 lbs.
Total loss: 9 lbs.

June 25, 2012

This week was all about support. I realize I needed to reach out to others to find strategies to deal with various emotions in healthy ways rather than by stuffing things down my throat. So, I joined a support group for emotional eaters and I got a buddy to whom I am accountable each day and to whom I reach out when I'm feeling weak. There was also a day in which the workout was REALLY tough for me and I was a little intimidated to talk to Harry about it, but when I did, he treated my concerns with dignity and made me feel more confident about the weight loss/gaining fitness process.

Week loss: 7 lbs. (Big drop!)
Current weight: 238 lbs.
Total loss: 16 lbs.

July 2, 2012

So, I realized a couple of things this week. One, I saw the adage that your kids eat what you do in action. Not only have my three kids been munching on cantaloupe and strawberries for snacks but we've made being active a part of our lifestyle and my 13-year-old has lost 11 lbs. since the end of April not consciously changing his eating patterns. Oh, and addition to watching my eating patterns when I'm emotional, I realized I have to be really careful when I'm tired as I'm just as vulnerable to slip into old patterns.

Week loss: 1 lb.
Current weight: 237 lbs.
Total loss: 17 lbs.

July 9, 2012

Whew hew! This week I participated in my first race with Harry. Although I didn't run the whole way, I finished with 15-minute miles for a 5K, which gives me something to start. During the race and during training, I also realized how pivotal motivation can be. I often am surprised by how much more I can do when Harry tells me to keep going in my exercises, which helps when I feel stuck or slowed down, too, in my weight loss he shows me I can do more than I think as long as I keep going.

Week loss: 2 lbs.
Current weight: 235 lbs.
Total loss: 19 lbs.

WEEK 10:
July 16, 2012

So, for the past week and a half, Harry has been having me text him my morning and night weight, as well as what I eat when I eat it. I can't say that that's been fun. In fact, at times, it's been rather irritating. But, I have to say it's been a tremendous help. Sometimes, when I wanted to eat something not great like a serving of whole grain pretzels for breakfast rather than a green drink, I'd think, Man, I'm going to have to tell Harry this? And, it helped keep me on the right track!

Week loss: 0
Current weight: 235 lbs.
Total loss: 19 lbs.

WEEK 11:
July 23, 2012

I am happy to say that my three kids are taking on a healthy lifestyle as well. I love that they are asking for fruit rather than the snack foods that we all loved so much. My 13-year-old has lost 17 lbs. since the end of April! That's very special!!!

Week loss: 7 lbs.
Current weight: 228lbs.
Total loss: 26 lbs.

WEEK 12:
July 30, 2012

This week, I visited my physician for a general check-up for the first time in seven years. And, besides my doctor being pleased about my weight loss and my exercise and eating plans, the nurse practitioner initially thought my blood pressure was low. My experience previously had always been the opposite concerns that it was too high. And, it was the first time a regular-sized pressure cuff could be used on me. So, just like Harry says, I'm making progress when I stick to the plan even when I don't feel like I am!

Week loss: 2 lbs.
Current weight: 226 lbs.
Total loss: 28 lbs.

WEEK 13:
August 6, 2012

I took my three children on vacation this week to the Outer Banks and it rained all but one day, which we thoroughly enjoyed. While there, during rain spouts, I took them on the beach and did 2 to 3-mile walks. That was tough. They complained in the beginning and I almost gave into that, but I explained calmly but firmly that I need to do this so I can be healthy and be the best person for me and for them. Ironic thing was I really missed my routine and was so glad to be back home, sweating and sore during my regular workouts.

Week loss: 1 lb.
Current weight: 225 lbs.
Total loss: 29 lbs.

WEEK 14:
August 13, 2012

So, I'm getting to a point where I'm not quite swimming in my clothes, but they're starting to hang. It's that old familiar place of too small for the fat clothes but not yet ready for my skinny clothes. It's a little tough to be here because I don't want to go buy a whole new wardrobe because I'm not at my destination but maybe I'll get a couple of things to highlight the new shape.

Week loss: 2 lbs. 
Current weight: 223 lbs.
Total loss: 31 lbs.

The Weight Loss Journey

This is the weekly journey of Kathleen Carey, a Reporter/Business Writer for the Delco Times. Follow her as she works towards living a healthier lifestyle and in the process, getting down to her goal weight of 154 pounds. Come back weekly and let Kathleen share this experience with you.
First Three Months:
Starting weight: 254 lbs.
Current weight: 223 lbs.
Total weight loss: 31 lbs.


WEEK 15:
August 20, 2012

I got on the scale this week and I was a little frustrated because it only went down one pound, although earlier in the week, it had been several. And, I understand it vacillates a bit, but it was just disappointing. Earlier, I had been having a discussion with some friends and we were talking about how society perceives fat and, really, sometimes, it's tough because I know I'm working my butt off every week, I'm following my eating plan but I still look fat by normal standards. But, then, Harry keeps encouraging me and tells me to keep going. He's not worried in the least by me only losing one pound, so it gives me that extra impetus to keep going and get over the hump!

Week loss:  1 lb.
Current weight:  222 lbs.
Total loss:  32 lbs.

WEEK 16:
September 3, 2012

This week, it was a little hard to focus and I really started to wonder why I'm doing all this. My company filed for bankruptcy this week, for the second time in three years, and officials said they think it will end in an asset sale by December. This, of course, launched all kinds of fear and shame in me and I just wanted to retreat to my bedroom and roll up in a fetal position, maybe forever. But, for some reason, I kept staying on my eating plan and my walking plan. And, I forced myself to do a Friday night workout with Harry and it's true. Exercise is amazing medicine. I felt so good after that Harry session, my endorphins were flying and I felt like all was ok.

Week gain: 1 lb.
Current weight: 221 lbs.
Total loss: 33 lbs.

WEEK 17:
September 10, 2012

I was disappointed last week when I got on the scale and it had spiked up. On Sunday, it was up 5 lbs. and on Monday, it was still 3 lbs. above the previous week. And, I was frustrated because I maintained my exercise and caloric plan. So, I stewed with that and the question, Why am I doing this? Am I really going to be able to do this? And, then, I was thinking of how Harry reaffirms the belief that I will, I decided to put more intensity into my homework workouts and my weight returned to the week before.

Week loss: 3 lbs.
Current weight: 218 lbs.
Total loss: 36 lbs.

WEEK 18:
September 17, 2012

So, people are really starting to notice how different I look and it does feel really good to get that positive feedback. I am working on some anger I notice I have around thoughts that I'm still the same person inside so why does the world only notice the outer layer. But, thanks in part to my therapist, it comes back more to self-care. My body is starting to show how much care and love I have for myself and how much I am capable of feeling and sharing with others, rather than stuffing any love out with Oreos. Besides, I love the power and strength I feel after my workouts, especially when I go at it with all my intensity. So, I'm looking forward to Harry's instruction of having to up my game!

Week loss: 0 lbs.
Current weight: 218 lbs.
Total loss: 36 lbs.

WEEK 19:
September 24, 2012

Sometimes, drinking all of these protein drinks gets a little tough. When I'm hungry, it's great, because it satiates me and makes me feel full, but when I'm not, I feel a little bloated sometimes. But, it is fun to think that in six weeks of weight training, through Harry's guidance, my body will have transformed and have the beginnings of some decent sculpted definition!

Week loss: 1 lbs.
Current weight: 217 lbs.
Total loss: 37 lbs.

WEEK 20:
September 30, 2012

I have to say I am really starting to feel some serious strength in my body and I enjoy it. The strength training has really helped my muscles to develop. I even notice it in my cardio exercises. When I do my sprints with Harry, I've noticed I am starting to focus on pushing and moving my body for maximum speed, rather than just trying to get through the exercise. Harry said it's helping me to learn to appreciate being in the moment and feel the total spectrum of the benefits of exercise..

Week loss: 7 lbs.
Current weight: 210 lbs.
Total loss: 39 lbs.

WEEK 21:
October 8, 2012

This one's going to be a little tough to share, but here it goes. I slipped into old behaviors for a little bit and when I was feeling bad, I had some soynut butter, chocolate chips and Teddy Grahams. I was questioning whether all of this effort all of the exercise, all of the calorie counting and meal planning if it would be worth it in the end. I'm single and I worried that all of this effort still won't attract a partner into my life. That I would not be good enough. Of course, Harry, in his graciousness, kindly addressed my concerns and reminded me of how far I've come, so I'm back on the bandwagon. Besides, having sculpted arms is nothing to write off!

Week gain: +4 lbs.
Total loss: 40 lbs.
Current weight: 214 lbs

WEEK 22:
October 15, 2012

So, last week was a little rough with the weight gain. I wasn't anticipating that and felt a little deflated with all the calories counted and all the exercise. But, Harry kept me going. His encouragement made me feel like there wasn't a problem; that I was on the right track. He added some kickboxing moves to the routine, which I thoroughly enjoy. And magic! The weight, and more, came off this week.

Week loss: 6 lbs.
Total loss: 46 lbs.
Current weight: 208 lbs.

WEEK 23:
October 22, 2012

Sometimes, this can be tough. My weight went up again and it's tough to trust Harry and the process but I have no interest in going back to where I was in May. (Besides, people telling me I look great is an enjoyable event.) And, yes, I know muscle weighs more than fat. But, I have to work on wishing this could be a little easier sometimes. Keep going forward, keep going forward.

Week gain: 2 lbs.
Total loss: 44 lbs.
Current weight: 210

WEEK 24:
November 5, 2012

This was a good week. After hanging in there, trusting Harry's word that everything will change in my direction even though I started to really doubt that and continuing with my food and exercise program, my weight dropped significantly this week. I am so thankful to have Harry as a guide, to believe in me even when I don't, to keep me motivated to reach the goals I want. Thank you, Harry.

Week loss: 9 lbs.
Total loss: 53 lbs.
Current weight: 201 lbs.

WEEK 25:
November 12, 2012

I wish I could blame my weight fluctuation on hormones or stress but I'm responsible for my undoing this week. I was all pumped from last week, then, Friday unraveled and it was overwhelming for me. It was the funeral for one of my best friend's mom. I lost a company-wide award for which I was a finalist in a live-streamed public announcement and there were a couple of other personal things that were just painful that I don't want to share. I am trying my best. I feel like a train that derailed emotionally or when Superman was all about done. I am trying take this one moment at a time.

Week gain: 4 lbs.
Total loss: 49 lbs.
Current weight: 205 lbs.

WEEK 26:
November 19, 2012

So, I didn't lose any poundage this week, but I didn't gain any, either and that's after getting through Thanksgiving, my daughter's birthday and her birthday party. So, I'm trying to accept that that is ok, although I'd rather have it down a bit (ok, a lot, like done this already). But, I'm going to keep trucking, with Harry's guidance, and I'm planning on being another 10 down by New Years!

Weight loss: 0 lbs.
Total loss: 49 lbs.
Current weight: 205 lbs.

First Six Months:
Starting weight: 254 lbs.
Current weight: 205 lbs.
Total weight loss: 49 lbs.